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Please check out the new

Please check out the new


Skippy, Robot That Lets Internet Users Skip Stones on an Idaho Lake

When I was an intern and tried to be a valuable asset in brainstorming sessions


Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror AR app.

Hands down, one of the best and most logical/ functional augmented reality apps we’ve seen in a long time, the Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror allows to virtually try-on the latest Ray-Ban styles from the comfort of you desk.

Whilst it’s been kicking around for a while, it is still pretty rad and has kept us entertained for the last 37 minutes or so.

Try it out for yourself

Design process in the responsive age


Slides from a presentation I gave last week at the NYC Responsive Web Design Meetup. It includes a responsive case study from my work at R/GA and a look at new techniques responsive designers are using around the world to improve their workflow.

What Creatives Really Think About Advertising

What Producers Really Think About Advertising

What Account People Really Think About Advertising


You just don’t see ‘ol skOOl advertising like this anymore… 

Hand painted advertising from the documentary “UP THERE”, directed by Malcom Murray & commissioned by Stella Artois.

Febreeze Breath Happy Live commercial by Grey NYC.

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